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About us

This website is made by a victim of stealthing.

Right after the Bill Cosby & #metoo scandals, stealthing happened to me on December 1st 2017. A day I will never forget. I quickly realised this was a form of sexual abuse, thanks to my doctor, and I went to the police. Even though I realised chances were slim this case was getting to court. Experiencing this emotional rollercoaster hasn't pushed me into victim mode. It made me combative. Read my experience with stealthing on the website (in Dutch)..

The guy who did this to me, cannot simply get away with this. And we can only make sure of this when all victims work together and report stealthing to the police. When you report someone, their name will become known to the police. It will become very hard for him to keep defending himself if he gets reported multiple times by different people. There's a big chance he will do this again if he got away with it once.


My mission is to help victims of stealthing by making it as easy as possible for them to find the road they need to take to take back their power. Including overseeing possible consequences. So that they don't have to find everything out the hard way, like I had to. As a victim of sexual assault, one must be a very confident person to struggle through all the legal stuff. 


I hope my website will give other victims of stealthing the strength to at least report it to the police. So that eventually this can be stopped. Revenge porn and cyber bullying also took time to be considered criminal acts, and so will this. Together we can stand up against stealthing! In other countries the seriousness of stealthing is already accepted, so why hasn't this happened in the Netherlands and lots of other countries yet? Non-consensual condom removal is a form of sexual abuse. Because it's forced, not voluntary.