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Stealthing is non-consensual condom removal. The sex itself is consensual, but only when a condom is being used. When the male partner removes the condom without consent from or knowledge of his sexual partner, this is considered non-consensual condom removal also known as stealthing. This is a form of sexual abuse. This website offers information specifically about stealthing in the way where a man is secretly and without consent removing his condom during the sex..

Unfortunately stealthing happens more and more often internationally. The video below explains more about stealthing.

Stealthing: non-consensual condom removal

This website contains information about stealthing, meant for victims of stealthing. Information is continuously added. You'll find:

Victim of stealthing?

Are you a victim of stealthing? Contact the Sexual Assault Center as soon as possible and read the roadmapWould you like to share your story about stealthing anonymously? Please Contact us.

Frequently asked questions about stealthing

Would you like to learn more about what stealthing is exactly, what you can do if it has happened to you, and if you can go to the police? Read more in the frequently asked questions about stealthing.

Note: this website is not completely translated into English yet.